Thursday, September 19, 2019

Bi-Weekly Twenty Twenty Update, part 2

The #ClimateForum2020 livestream via Our Daily Planet and below, today and tomorrow ...

As I understand it, there will be no live broadcast other than a few snips on various NBC platforms (MSNBC, CNBC, NBC Nightly News, etc.) and that -- no live airtime -- was the off-the-record reason some candidates *cough*Warren*cough*Biden* chose not to participate; i.e. they believed they "checked off the climate box" two weeks ago w/CNN's forum.  Here, from Georgetown University, is the full schedule.

The LGBTQ forum details (it's tomorrow evening).

There's also a Green Party presidential candidates debate tomorrow afternoon.

And a piece about the GPTX in yesterday's HouChron (and San Antone Express News) ...

And from the Spectator's Daniel Bring: snark echoing the usual 'radical' themes but especially critical of the GPUS playing favorites with its White House hopefuls.

I'll have something on Friday's global #ClimateStrike, as well as the promised second part of Houston municipal elections later today or tomorrow, and perhaps more on developments regarding any or all of these events before I get to Sunday's Funnies.

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