Saturday, August 26, 2017

Harvey is hurting South Texas, but not Houston (yet)

The floods are coming.

There are several tornado warnings, most expiring, as this posts, around the southwest metro area (Fort Bend County and thereabouts).

A few of the same to the east of Houston (Liberty County).  Plenty of rain and wind overnight but nothing spectacular.

Worst of the rain still to come, especially if Harv decides to double-back and come at us from Corpus.

My go-to weatherman says there's still no predicting where he goes next.  So we wait.

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Gadfly said...

I don't know about your favorite weatherman, but, as of this morning, the National Weather Service is still saying something similar to the "59 track," with the eye about on top of Brenham by late Thursday. Weather Underground's tracking map is largely agreeing. Expected to remain TS through Wednesday and TD through at least Thursday.