Friday, May 27, 2016

Long weekend plans

Relaxing and reading.

-- Mrs. Diddie is recuperating from having the rest of her left rear quarter panel replaced (her knee was switched out in January; her hip yesterday).  Except for some post-operative high blood pressure which responded to medication, she's doing well this morning.

-- The best thing I have read about why the largest banks aren't being prosecuted is posted at ProPublica: they actually are, but the appeals courts are rescuing them.  Just as appalling as it sounds.

-- Andrea Grimes speaks for me on the subject of public bathrooms.

I’m more than a little creeped out about where the minds of men such as Paxton and Patrick seem to go when they think about public restrooms. There’s a certain predilection for prurience in drawing a straight line between “public restroom” and “opportunity to sexually assault a woman or child.” In the most disturbing example, U.S. Congressman Louie Gohmert, the East Texas Republican, recently said in a radio interview that he’d have jumped at the chance to pretend to be transgender as a teenager in order to infiltrate the girls’ bathroom at his school.

When I think about public restrooms, I’m usually thinking about whether there’s going to be a functional soap dispenser or one of those fun Dyson hand dryers. I’m less likely to wonder if they will afford me an opportunity to commit a sex crime.

-- Alzheimer's may be due to bacterial infections.  An immune system response.  That would completely change the thinking about how the disease might be treated -- or warded off, if you have a genetic dispensation (as I do).

-- From Wikileaks, this e-mail passed through Hillary Clinton's private server.  Twice.  Maybe 'gold', 'oil', and 'Qaddafi' were just code words for Chelsea's wedding. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Gadfly said...

Gotta work an hour or two Monday myself; local VFW is pretty active, has a Memorial Day event.

Went over to Nac's twin city, Natchitoches, today, before heading up to Shreveport. Nice place. I'll have to get over there again during some future festival or something.

PDiddie said...

For the record, that's pronounced Nackatish. Northwestern Louisiana University is where Mom got her undergraduate degree; she earned her master's in education at LSU in 1949. We drove over to Baton Rouge a couple of years ago, walked around her old dorm building.

Her 90th birthday is less than a month away.

Gadfly said...

Hope she has a good birthday and you do with the celebration. I walked most of the downtown historic district; they had some band on the lake for either a Memorial Day event, or just some general weekend event, per their events calendar. Nice place. I'll be back for the Christmas lights, if not before.