Saturday, October 11, 2014

Wheelchair ads

National media seems to have the vapors about Wendy Davis' latest teevee ad.  And if that's what the WaPo and the AP are saying, you can only imagine how offended Breitbart Texas is acting.  Why, even Mother Jones is clutching her pearls.

I just don't think any of these people have been following the race for Texas governor very closely.  Or if they have, they've been doing so from a posh suite of offices inside the Beltway.

Here's a couple of explanations for the out-of-towners about how political campaigns go in the Lone Star State from some of my fellow bloggers who know about these things.  Or you can read the comments on the story at the HouChron, which for the uninitiated is no bastion of Texas liberalism.  You will find several short -- even Tweetably short -- descriptions of precisely what the spot is about.

Specifically, a self-loathing sociopath.

For those who won't click: the ad is about the baldest demonstration of hypocrisy ever performed by any politician anywhere, and not the fact that he was too stupid to get out of the way of a falling tree.  So let's be certain that the corporate media outside Texas regains its focus by repeating the truth about Greg Abbott.

Now if someone wants to scream and cry about those who would make fun of people in wheelchairs, I got your outrage right here.  Swinging.


Charles Turner said...

In my opinion, Texas media is giving Republicans a pass and Wendy's adds are not always hard hitting enough.

Gadfly said...

Dunno if you saw it, but here's exactly what I said on Twitter:

#WheelchairKen, aka @GregAbbott_TX upset being hinted at being #WheelchairKen by minions of person his minions call #AbortionBarbie. Got it.

PDiddie said...

Two slam dunks from both of you.

Calling Abbott out taps into a vein of the visceral outrage women felt during the filibuster last summer. And Texans simply will not vote for someone who is not willing to fight back.

I hope she's got more ads pummeling his sorry ass.

Gadfly said...

Oh, and I resent that Tweet of mine to that twit (no better word for him) at Mother Jones. He hasn't responded.

That's probably because, in a second Tweet, I told him to, and I quote myself, "get a fucking clue."

Tomtech said...

Thanks for linking the Final Judgement old friend.

I've been looking for it since it was announced.

Unknown said...

No ONE ...... repeat NO ONE outside of Texas can appreciate how BAD it is here! The media outside TEXAS needs to STFU ! We didn't crown Molly Ivins goddess of the universe for nothing !