Wednesday, October 22, 2014

News I can't opine about and trends I cannot detect

-- As a reminder, news reports such as this one and this one are the kind of things that I won't be blogging about while I'm serving on the EVBB.  Or this one.

-- Accounts of Texas voter turnout are varying, from one end of the spectrum (gloom and doom) to the other (cautious enthusiasm).  The smartest people I know with regard to this are Charles Kuffner and Greg Wythe, and they both say it's still to early to divine an end result.  Maybe by this weekend -- or after -- we'll be able to discern a pattern.

-- So the next time you hear someone say that IDs are "free", show them this.

Does everyone understand now why Judge Gonzales Ramos ruled it an unconstitutional poll tax?


Gadfly said...

Gotcha blogged up by proxy:

Gadfly said...

BGTX is talking up urban area turnout. The only one that really catches my eye is El Paso, as a possible partial proxy for the Valley, which they don't mention. The lower Valley, and Laredo, are big enough to be "urban," and of course, that's where turnout has to turn up.