Saturday, March 02, 2013

SD-6 results *updated*

The conclusion of the sliming is at hand.

County Clerk Stan Stanart had the early vote/absentee total posted at 7:02, and they show Sylvia Garcia with a small lead.

Garcia  5101 votes, 53.42 %

Alvarado 4448 votes, 46.58%

It might be a half hour or longer before we get some tallies that reflect votes cast today. We'll update here as the night goes on.

Update (8:14 p.m.): Garcia adds another 309 votes to her lead.

Garcia 5911 votes, 54.43%

Alvarado 4949 votes, 45.57%

Update II (8:45 p.m.):  Garcia has a 1400 vote lead with 45% of precincts in.

Garcia 6816 votes, 55.78%

Alvarado 5404 votes, 44.22%

Update III (9:11 p.m.): Garcia's lead narrows slightly, to 1317 votes. 68% of precincts have reported. I don't think that Alvarado can close the gap fast enough.

Garcia 8106 votes 54.42%

Alvarado 6789 votes, 45.78%

Last Update (9:35 p.m.): With 95% of precincts counted, Sylvia Garcia will defeat Carol Alvarado and be sworn in as state Senator of the 6th District of Texas next week.

Garcia 9250 votes, 53.07%

Alvarado 8180 votes, 46.93%

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