Wednesday, March 27, 2013

News you can't use

... for much. Because it will just irritate you.

-- Gun store cancels assault rifle sale to Gifford's husband:

An Arizona gun store owner has canceled the sale of an assault rifle to the husband of former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, after discovering that he made the purchase to highlight the need for gun control.


In a posting on Facebook on Monday, (Diamondback Police Supply owner Doug) MacKinlay said: "While I support and respect Mark Kelly's 2nd Amendment rights to purchase, possess, and use firearms in a safe and responsible manner, his recent statements to the media made it clear that his intent in purchasing the ... rifle from us was for reasons other than for his personal use."

"In light of this fact, I determined that it was in my company's best interest to terminate this transaction prior to his returning to my store," he added.

Oh, the sweet irony of Mark Kelly's 2nd Amendment freedoms nullified by a gun nut. (That powerful stupid is for you, Greg.)

-- Much of the focus on equal rights this week is on the Supreme Court cases being argued there. As politicians of all stripes have come out in support (and in opposition), it's valuable to know where one's silent enemies are: here is a list of ten Democratic senators -- not all of whom are up for re-election, at least one of which is retiring -- who have so far declined to endorse marriage equality. Know thy enemy... including those who withhold support, the most cowardly of all positions.

-- North Korea continues to rattle its sabers. On the bright side, Kim Kong-un did declare his support for gay marriage, emphasizing to world observers that he is "not a monster". Too bad for the world that's not quite accurate.

-- Rick Perry wants the president of UT gone, and he's going to get his way even if he has to spread sexual scandal rumors about people.

I see your true colors shining through, Governor.

-- Not to be outdone by the likes of Arkansas, North Dakota's governor signs the most restrictive abortion legislation in the nation into law. But Rick Perry and the Texas Lege are in the on-deck circle.

-- Pity Walmart. They seem to be having a people power brownout.

Margaret Hancock has long considered the local Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT) superstore her one- stop shopping destination. No longer. 

During recent visits, the retired accountant from Newark, Delaware, says she failed to find more than a dozen basic items, including certain types of face cream, cold medicine, bandages, mouthwash, hangers, lamps and fabrics.

The cosmetics section “looked like someone raided it,” said Hancock, 63.

Wal-Mart’s loss was a gain for Kohl’s Corp. (KSS), Safeway Inc. (SWY), Target Corp. (TGT) and Walgreen Co. (WAG) -- the chains Hancock hit for the items she couldn’t find at Wal-Mart.

“If it’s not on the shelf, I can’t buy it,” she said. “You hate to see a company self-destruct, but there are other places to go.”

It’s not as though the merchandise isn’t there. It’s piling up in aisles and in the back of stores because Wal-Mart doesn’t have enough bodies to restock the shelves, according to interviews with store workers. In the past five years, the world’s largest retailer added 455 U.S. Wal-Mart stores, a 13 percent increase, according to filings and the company’s website. In the same period, its total U.S. workforce, which includes Sam’s Club employees, dropped by about 20,000, or 1.4 percent.

It seems that the high cost of low prices is just too much for the nation's largest retailer to bear. My heart bleeds.


Elderlady said...

This "gun purchase" by Captain Kelly has me totally perplexed. I did not know, that after selling an item (any item at all, actually),that after receiving payment for said item, the seller could dictate to the buyer how the item was to be used. It was for his (Kelly's) personal use. He was personally going to give it to the police. Very strange way to do business.

PDiddie said...

Oh Kelly used the gun, EL. He just didn't fire it.

How he used it so displeased the gun shop proprietor that he broke their contract, refusing to deliver it to the purchaser. I'm not a lawyer (but I have watched a few episodes of Perry Mason) and I still feel certain that there would be elements of a 2nd Amendment lawsuit to be taken up. I doubt that Kelly will do so, as he has already made his point. The gun nut at the gun store just added some nuts to the icing on the cake.

Greg said...

Actually, Kelly engaged in the classic behavior of a "straw buyer" -- he claimed the purchase was for himself but was going to immediately transfer it to someone else (in other words, Kelly lied on the background check form). What's more, he ADMITTED in the press that this was his intent.

Had the seller completed the sale (and the sale was not completed, due to requirements of federal law) he would have been liable for knowingly sold to a straw buyer, with the consequences including the loss of his license as a gun dealer, a hefty fine, and possible jail time.

Heck, if the prosecutor does his job and files charges, it may be that Kelly will no more be able to possess a gun than Jared Loughner due to his having committed a firearm related felony.