Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Paxton's federal contempt hearing will not occur

The Statesman says 'canceled', and the Express News says 'postponed'.

Wednesday’s contempt of court hearing for Attorney General Ken Paxton and a state health official was canceled Monday after state officials agreed to allow death certificates to acknowledge same-sex marriages, a lawyer involved in the case said.

The state also agreed to issue new guidelines allowing same-sex couples to be listed as parents on a child’s birth certificate, said Neel Lane, the lawyer for a Conroe man who sued Texas to be listed as the husband on his male spouse’s death certificate.

That's called a second chance, which is something Sandra Bland and a whole lot of other folks of a darker shade of pale have never gotten in their scrapes with criminal justice.

Hold off on the chains and shackles — for now.

This week’s contempt hearing for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and another top official was put on hold Monday after the state agreed to put guidelines in place to try to comply with same-sex marriage rulings.

During a telephone conference, lawyers for the state agreed to have a policy on death certificates ready by Thursday and one in place for birth certificates within two to three days, said Neel Lane, one of the San Antonio lawyers handling the litigation against the state.

U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia told Lane to confer with the state to review the policies and procedures to ensure that they do not discriminate against married same-sex couples. If Lane feels they are not adequate, he should inform Garcia, the judge ordered.

The roach gets away from la chancla again.  This time. More from Kuff.

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