Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Scattershooting Clinton and Rubio and Christie and Carson

-- Nailed it.

What could we expect from a Hillary presidency? My guess is that it would be Wall Street–friendly, militarized and secretive — though seasoned with mostly empty rhetoric about uplift, community and inclusion. It would do little to address polarization and rot. In fact it would be a perfect embodiment of polarization and rot. There will be strenuous efforts over the next year and a half to argue otherwise, but they will convince no one but loyalists.

-- No Plan B (as in back to the Senate) for Marco.

The newly minted GOP presidential candidate made clear in Fox News and NPR interviews that he’ll leave the Senate when his term ends in January 2017, and not reserve his options to run for re-election in Florida if his White House bid doesn’t work out.

“I don’t have a Plan B to pivot back to the Senate race. I intend to be the nominee,” Rubio said Monday night on Fox News, shortly after declaring his candidacy. “And that’s why I think it’s important for us to have a strong candidate in Florida who’s out there working now. If I went around talking about how I would pivot back to the Senate race if things didn’t work out, our best candidates may not run.”

He's in for the same reason Ted Cruz is: to be the vice-presidential nominee of his party in 2016, and/or another crack at the title in 2020.  I'll take even-money odds on a Rubio-Castro VP debate in October of next year.  Two actually; one in English and one in Spanish.

-- No, Chris Christie is not bold.  He's incredibly arrogant, exceptionally devious, highly obnoxious, and still morbidly obese two years after having his stomach banded.  He remains the nation's most at-risk-of-mortal-cardiac-event politician, bar none.

-- Dr. Ben Carson will (allegedly) announce his campaign for president in his hometown of Detroit next month.  No one really knows why he is running, especially now that Wayne LaPierre of the NRA inadvertently shot down Carson's only plausible rationale.

“Eight years of one demographically symbolic president is enough.”

Cruz and Rubio also thank you for your endorsement, Wayne. 

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Gadfly said...

Every future VP nominee, or potential one, says "I'm in it for the win."

And, numbnuts like The Fix at the WaPost believe this shit to this day, talking about the major risks Rubio is taking.

Harry Truman desegregating the Army in 1948 was someone taking a real political risk.