Monday, November 17, 2014

The Weekly Wrangle

The Texas Progressive Alliance anticipates major developments ahead as President Obama reveals -- maybe --  his immigration reform initiatives.  The grand jury investigating the Michael Brown shooting will release its findings also.  And the US Senate is expected to vote on the Keystone XL pipeline.  There will be lots to blog about this week as we bring you the best from last week in this roundup.

Off the Kuff looks at some pro- and anti-equality bills that were pre-filed for the 2015 Legislature.

Libby Shaw, writing for Texas Kaos and for Daily Kos, notes that although the Republican voter suppression efforts had its intended effect of keeping so many of us away from the polls, Texas Democrats share some of the blame for voter apathy: Voter Suppression did the trick in Texas.

Evidence from around the country emerged in the wake of the 2014 election drubbing that change is going to have to come to the Democratic Party from both within and without. PDiddie at Brains and Eggs understood early on that if they cannot regain relevance in midterm elections, then we are all destined to ride the partisan see-saw every two years... and let gridlock reign.

Social media has been great at blowing up narratives generated from Republican think tanks and published in mainstream newspapers, magazines and TV shows. CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme wants to help: No, the new set of Republicans in Congress aren't less crazy and more pragmatic than Todd Akin or Sharron Angle.

WCNews at Eye on Williamson has one more go on some post-election commentary: Williamson Democrats, Battleground Texas, and the way forward.

Neil at All People Have Value said that there is not very much to say. APHV is part of

Texas Leftist offers an insider's view of Battleground Texas... what went right, what went wrong and how the organization moves forward from here. Square one?? Get to know Texas, and don't mess with what already works.

Easter Lemming, in one of his rare and even popular posts outside of Facebook, covers a Republican blogger who shows how the Republican victories of 2014 set them up for defeat in 2016. There is a Democratic state firewall that would be almost impossible for Republicans to breach to get the presidency and the only question is how many seats will the GOP lose in the Senate and House. Easter Lemming now mainly posts on his Easter Lemming News Facebook page.

Texpatriate took note of some of the changes in the Texas Senate, and Bluedaze reports that Frack Free Denton moves forward even as the lawsuits against the successful ballot referendum start to pile up.


And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

Concerned Citizens scouts out the San Antonio mayoral race.

Lone Star Q has a surprising report about Westboro Baptist's involvement in the recent Houston anti-gay protests.

Nonsequiteuse examines the cult of Mommy and the cult of the fetus.

Unfair Park wants to know why Ted Cruz wants to slow down their Netxflix streaming.

Texas Watch is hiring.

Juanita Jean relates the worst Veterans' Day story ever.

Scott Braddock documents a teabagger slap fight in North Texas.

Fred Lewis sums up the evidence that wasn't presented at the San Jacinto waste pits trial.

And Trail Blazers says that the divisions among the Tea Party Caucus in the Texas Legislature highlight what is expected to be a fairly routine election of the Speaker, Joe Straus.

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