Friday, January 31, 2014

Why Democrats shouldn't nominate Republican donors

Because Republicans will pwn them.  In this corner, the challenger David Alameel, with the egg all over his face.  In that corner, the defending champion "Big Bad John" Corndog.  This is the response the good doctor received to his request for a refund of his donations to Cornyn, Orrin Hatch, Mitch McConnell, and all the other GOPers he's written big checks to over the years.

“Thanks in part to your support for Texas conservatives like myself, Gov. Perry, Attorney General Abbott, and others, Texas has implemented a successful pro-growth agenda, marked by prolific job creation thanks to lower government spending, less taxes, and limited regulations,” Cornyn wrote in an open letter released by his campaign.

“Without your help, conservatives across Texas could not have fought back against the big-spending, big government, pro-choice agenda that Democrats in Washington, D.C. have tried for so long to impose on our state,” the letter said. “That fight continues, and, regrettably, it is one for which no dollar can be spared.”

I am at a loss as to why Wendy Davis endorsed this guyUpdate:  And Leticia Van de Putte as well (despite her obviously pointed and kind words for him).  Well, at least until the first-quarter campaign finance reports come out, anyway.  The only thing worse than Alameel being the Democratic nominee would be Kesha Rogers being the nominee.  And if those two are in the runoff...

Let's hope the Dems have at least learned that you should just say, "I made a mistake", and not "I want a refund".  You don't often hear wealthy people say that, though.  Even when they are Republicans running for office as Democrats.

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Gadfly said...

What D Hell? I had been thinking, up to today, that Dems got the Guv and Lite Guv candidates backward. But, if she endorsed him, too.

Must be the BG/LSP "handlers" at work. Still, candidates can say no to "handlers."

PDiddie said...

Note what VDP said: that Alameel is the only Democrat that can beat Cornyn.

I believe that contention is false. There is no Democrat more or less likely to beat Cornyn, or for that matter any other Republican running for any other office statewide.

They all have exactly the same shot in January, which, depending on your bias, is somewhere between a good shot and no shot at all.

Gadfly said...

Yeah, I saw that, and that's something that would come from the mouths of national Dem "handlers."