Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Catch-up (not Ketchup)

-- Hat tip to Rep. Wu for the condiment theme.

-- I'll be reading the book about Roger Ailes, but I probably won't read Bob Gates' book.  I agree with others who say that Gates is providing an assist to Hillary Clinton's presidential aspirations by throwing a brick at Joe Biden.

Gates wrote: “I found her smart, idealistic but pragmatic, tough-minded, indefatigable, funny, a very valuable colleague, and a superb representative of the United States all over the world.”

And at Gates’ farewell ceremony in 2011, he had high praise for Clinton, saying she’s become a cherished colleague and a good friend.

That makes his criticism of anybody else's decisions being influenced by politics thoroughly suspect.

-- Speaking of political machinations... Chris Christie is so over.

Then again, maybe this bridge thing is a Sopranos-style enhancement to his presidential aspirations.  Who can ever tell what the GOP values any more?

-- The dirty laundry about Florida Republican Congressman Bill Young, who died last October, is now being aired by his two families, and the stench is putrid.

Young had three children with his first wife, Marian, before divorcing her in 1985 to wed his 26-year-old secretary, Beverly, with whom he'd fathered a child while still married to Marian. (Young was 51 at the time.)

Young somehow kept the affair out of the papers (thanks in part to a quiescent media) and ensured Marian's silence with a lifetime alimony payment of $2,000 a month. He also rarely saw the kids he'd raised with Marian and stopped initiating contact in 1986. Young's first family, it seemed, had disappeared and few knew of its existence. But this all came to light at Young's funeral last fall, when Robert, one of his sons by way of Beverly, acknowledged his half-siblings at the end of his eulogy, admitting he didn't even know their surnames but later saying he "didn't think it was fair that they weren't being noticed."

This, my friends, barely begins to tell the story. Among the many eyebrow-raising details, few things come through more powerfully than what a horrible, horrible human being Bev Young is. My skin crawled to read her nasty comments about her husband's children. Terry Young, she said, is only speaking up now because he's "trying to get rid of his guilt for being a horrible son."

Of course he voted to impeach Bill Clinton over an extramarital blowjob.  Just when you think Republican family values can't sink any lower...

-- One last frozen toon before the thaw.

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