Thursday, January 16, 2014

Davis "on her own two feet", Scherr hits at Alameel

-- This is going to rile up the compassionate conservatives.

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Did you catch that?  Why, it's almost as offensive as that "Greg Abbott walks into a bar" joke.  The fauxtrage generated by the ilk of the fellow who coined the phrase 'AB' is your Belly Laugh O'Day.

(Special to Greg: Clean up your own house.  And start with that pig Erickson.)

-- After Wendy Davis endorsed the wealthy dentist running for US Senate to begin this week, it was inevitable that this attack would present itself.  This e-mail is signed by Victor Reyes, Scherr's deputy campaign manager, and arrived in my inbox yesterday.

David Alameel, the alleged Democrat running for the US Senate, has bankrolled the anti-choice Republican agenda for years.  I'm not talking about a couple thousand dollars here.  He has given $1.6 million dollars to the Republicans who oppose Roe v. Wade and vote to erode a woman's right to choose at every turn.
Here are a few specifics on Alameel's record on supporting the Republican agenda:
  • Alameel gave $150,000 to Lt. Governor David Dewhurst who led the charge to pass anti choice legislation and called women who went to protest in the Capitol an “unruly mob”;
  • Alameel gave $4,200 to Minority Leader Mitch McConnell who voted to allow any employer to refuse to cover contraception or any health service required under the health reform law for virtually any reason;
  • Alameel gave $8,400.00 to Senator Orin Hatch who sponsored an amendment that “would ban any organizations that provide abortions, including hospitals, from receiving Medicaid family planning funds -- even if those abortions are to save a woman's life”;
  • Alameel gave $25,000.00 to the National Republican Senatorial Committee who defended the comment that abortions should not be legal even in the case of rape;
So I have a big question that we Democrats need to resolve before the March 4th primary:
If Texas Democrats care about women’s rights and protecting choice, then how can we possibly nominate a candidate who has a long track record of funding the Republicans who are anti-choice?

An excellent point.  I won't be helping nominate the good doctor in any way, shape, or form.  I'm putting him in the same folder as Kesha Rogers.

Update: Texpate has a more nuanced and critical view of Scherr's broadside, but also thinks there is more to be learned -- perhaps by some enterprising corporate journalist -- about Alameel's stances on reproductive rights.


Elderlady said...

Who vets these people who call themselves Democrats, and run on the Democratic Party ticket?

More clearly: How the hell does this crap happen?

PDiddie said...

Hell Ev! You were missed.

To answer your question: it has something to do with a %50 million dollar net worth, and a willingness to pass large portions of it out.

Alameel's "rebirth" as a moderate-to-conservative Democrat isn't something to be discouraged; Michael Fjetland, for one, has made the same journey, and there are thousands of other lesser well-known and less-wealthy Texans who have done -- and are doing -- the same thing as they watch the GOP break down.

What I wish Democrats would clarify for themselves is why they think people like Alameel are any different than people like David and Charles Koch.

Because they are not.