Monday, April 30, 2012

The Weekly Slow-Jam Wrangle

The Texas Progressive Alliance is slow-jamming this week's roundup.  

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme sees Republicans holding on to private power at the expense of children.

More Congressional candidate interviews from Off the Kuff, who has conversations with Marc Veasey, Ramiro Garza, and Anthony Troiani.  

BossKitty at TruthHugger takes a vacation from the sanitized, filtered, Hollywood marketing of political candidates and looks at the world, specifically the dramatic trial in Norway for a mass murderer has unified civilized Europeans who sang ... To Annoy The Monster.

The myth of the disgruntled Texas Republican: WCNews at Eye On Williamson says they're like a GOP Chupacabra; we always hear about them, but never actually see one. Deeply unhappy Republicans? Don't be so sure.

Greg Abbott and Susan Combs have both, in the past year, made the serious mistake of exposing millions of Texans to identity fraud by failing to safeguard their social security numbers. Both seek a promotion to higher office in 2014. Is there ANY amount of incompetence and malfeasance a Texas Republican can be guilty of and NOT get elected? PDiddie at Brains and Eggs doesn't have confidence that the answer is 'yes'.

BlueBloggin wants Americans to understand there is always more to sensational stories in the headlines: UpDated: What is Adrenarche and Why Are America's Services Sexually Immature.

 Libby Shaw nails it again over at TexasKaos. She explains why she is hoping 2012 is a "buyer's revenge" election, a judgement on the kiss-ups, brain dead zombies and other assorted creatures that got elected in 2010. See it here: Gov. Oops Grovels for Norquist While Houston Business Leader Kowtows to Perry.

Neil at Texas Liberal wrote about Dick Clark and Johnny Rotten.

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