Friday, April 27, 2012

More bitching from conservatives about guns from US in Mexico

This whine has perplexed me from Day One.

Mexico has asked the United States with help tracing the origin of nearly 70,000 weapons found at organized crime scenes there from 2007 to 2011 – guns it says are from the U.S., but in most cases, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was not able to figure out who first purchased the weapons at U.S. gun stores, let alone who might have then passed them on to gangsters.

Please go read this article and then this article for some background if you need it. I'd be amazed if you did considering how fast and furiously the Right has been yelling about it for months.

There must be roving underground bands of liberals buying automatic rifles by the boxcar load and selling them to the Mexican drug lords. It can't be right-wing gun nuts who are arming themselves for home defense, the coming race wars, or who want to just overthrow our own government (but only when there's a Democratic administration in place) committing these crimes, after all.

And all of these lifetime NRA members are screaming at the top of their lungs that Obama and Eric Holder ashould be held to account for having -- oops, not having -- tracked and traced all of this "free trade" export business. So he can shut it down.

Wouldn't they be just as upset at the threat to the 2nd Amendment if that had happened?

More importantly: where will the Libertarians get ganja for their glaucoma if Obama heeds their cries and goes through with all of this aggressive gun control? Don't they understand the president can't just legalize weed overnight with a snap of his fingers? He's got to work legislation through a conservative House and a Senate that requires 60 votes.

But you know what the real travesty is?  Medical marijuana patients will die by the thousands while the liberals in government figure out how to decriminalize, then tax and regulate the fatty. Forget Obamacare or women's health; we've got a more important problem here. Middle-aged, middle class suburbanites aren't getting their sedatives. This is obviously why they are so angry all the time about everything.

The bright spot, I suppose, is that some day they will all get to bitch about how high the taxes are on a pack of Marlboro joints.

It's like this, Republicans: you sell Mexico guns, they sell YOU dope. This is just pure capitalism. What are you people? Communists?

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