Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Your teevee is still lying to you

The Democratic caucus in the 2011 Senate moves up to 54, with this news about Jack Conway surging to a lead over Rand Paul in Kentucky and this news about Joe Sestak easing ahead of Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania. Chris Bowers, in his post this morning, still showed both trailing ...

Electoral-vote.com, which uses only the most recent poll, today has Sestak losing by ten points and Conway behind by 7. And to be both fair and accurate, Bowers uses a composite of several polls, so tomorrow's version of the chart above will still show Sestak and Conway behind. But the trend is unmistakable:

The odds of Democrats keeping 55 or more seats in the Senate are twice that of Republicans winning the chamber.

I'm guessing you might hear something about this on your teevee machine by next week, perhaps.

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