Saturday, October 16, 2010

Senate: 52-48 House: holds slightly for Dems

That's as of today, as of this data from the NYT. Senate here, House here. The Times thinks that Marco Rubio of FL, Rand Paul of KY, and Joe Miller of AK will be the three TeaBaggers added to the Senate. Two of those three states, you might be already aware, have GOP primary losers (Lisa Murkowski and Charlie Crist) running as third-party candidates which are siphoning off Democratic votes.

Of the Texas Congressional tilts, Chet Edwards is likely a goner, but Ciro Rodriguez hangs on.

Nate Silver of is slightly more pessimistic about the House; his calculations drive out a 227-208 Republican majority. similarly shows 51-48 and one tie -- Nevada -- in the Senate (without the Rassmublican effect); the House also in a knot at 202 D, 204 R, 29 too close to call. I've added the daily-updated link in the right hand column.

So if you're a political junkie and tire of the corporate media/teevee talking head bullshit, bookmark these and look at them daily as they track the races.

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