Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lissa Squiers for CD-07

She's running as a write-in against Corruptberson. What else do you need to know?

Lissa Squiers - Win District 7 from Advanced Eye Productions on Vimeo.


MetroLocal Hosting said...

I need to know if she has practical experience, education and guts to stand up for her neighbors and her beliefs. Is she a Democrat, a Republican or some sort of independent. I need to know if you have met her personally or know some one that has. I need to know how it is you can dismiss a candidate because they are trying to do something without finding out what that something is.

MetroLocal Hosting said...

We really need to stop knocking each other on the GP. Let's be Americans 1st and policy hounds last. Downing a write-in simply for being that isn't fair and may just be passing up the best person for the job.

You want honesty in politics? Back a write-in.

PDiddie said...

You read me wrong, MetroLocal. "Running against Corruptberson" was all I needed to know to write her in on my (paper, not e-Slate) ballot last November. Lissa appeared at some community functions which I missed, but I met her at Charles Kuffner's blog luncheon about to months ago. She is honest and sincere and dedicated. And she is a Democrat.

I don't know if she intends to run again in 2012, but another Democrat has already declared: Phillip Andrews.