Monday, January 04, 2010

SJL catches a primary challenge

...from Houston city councilman Jarvis Johnson. Martha and John did the Q&A at HCDP HQ earlier this afternoon (in fact a few minutes before I arrived to file for my precinct's chairmanship).

Frankly I think this is mostly symbolic; Johnson can't realistically think he can unseat Jackson, but he and his faction apparently want to send a message. Many SD-13 and CD-22 African American Democrats still hold a grudge over Sheila's endorsement of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton two years ago.

It should be fun to watch but I think Sheila is safe.  She will, however,  do well to take the challenge seriously and get to work on mending fences.

Update: More in detail from Texas on the Potomac, including news about Ron Paul's four GOP primary challengers and Michael McCaul's one. Ted Ankrum, who carried the Democratic flag against McCaul in 2006, will re-challenge McCaul as well.

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