Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Candidate filing odds and ends

-- Star Locke, who ran in the Repulican primary against Rick Perry four years ago, is running in the Democratic primary this year. For governor. As Texas Cloverleaf notes ...

I would direct you to his website, but my antivirus software says it has a trojan. So, bad move. But you may remember Star as one of the also rans against Rick Perry in the 2006 GOP primary. Among Star's fun ideas is taxing abortion clinics and soda. If he can't stick you for killing a fetus, well he will get ya for drinking that Coke!

-- Dave Wilson, the nasty homophobe last heard from during the Houston mayoral campaign, has turned coat and filed to run against ethics-tarred Jerry Eversole for Harris County commissioner. Update: Muse's note declaring it was not this Dave Wilson is no longer posted, and many other sources confirm that it is that Dave Wilson.

-- 1st Court of Appeals Justice Jim Sharp and Bill Moody, the Democrats' top vote-getter in 2006, both filed for separate places on the Texas Supreme Court.  They're two of the good guys.

-- Wayne Slater says that the Metroplex is ground zero for Democratic efforts to reclaim the Texas House:

The Democrats recruited Jamie Dorris against Rep. Joe Driver, R-Garland; and Dallas businessman John Wellik, an executive at United Surgical Partners Inc., against Rep. Will Hartnett, R-Dallas.

Dallas County GOP Chairman Jonathan Neerman countered by pitting retired Marine Capt. Kenneth Sheets against Rep. Allen Vaught, D-Dallas; and businessman Rodney Anderson against Rep. Kirk England, D-Grand Prairie.

In November, there will be eight contested House races in Dallas County. Other targeted incumbents include Democrats Carol Kent and Robert Miklos, and Republicans Linda Harper-Brown and Dan Branch. Throw in the contested Democratic gains in Tarrant County (seats now held by Chris Turner and Paula Pierson), and the DFW area becomes home to by far the most high-profile House races of any region.

Aman Batheja at Poli-Tex is less impressed with the number of Democratic challengers on the Tarrant County ballot.

-- Kuffner, as always, has more and better.

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