Friday, January 08, 2010

Homophobe Wilson's ballot bid rejected *updates*

As regards this post. He listed his business address as his residence address, a violation of the mandatory provision of the Texas Election code. The letter to Wilson from HCDP chair Gerry Birnberg outlining the violation and the ineligibility is here. More responses as they are posted.


Texas Election Code requires that a candidate's application for a place on the ballot include his or her residence address. Birnberg said that when he met with Wilson on Thursday, the candidate mentioned that he actually lives in a home on Lake Lane. Property tax records list the owner as Connie J. Wilson.

Wilson said he is separated from his wife and lives in an apartment at his business address. Wilson's voter registration lists his address on W. 34th.

Wilson said he will ask Birnberg to reverse his decision, and if Birnberg does not, he will contest it in court.

Birnberg insisted that election law gives him no discretion to make a judgment call. The language of the statute states that if the application does not meet requirements, the party must reject it. Had Wilson filed with a day or two to spare, Birnberg said, the party may have caught the error with time for Wilson to correct it before the deadline.

“It's his decision to file at the last minute that's the (cause) of the problem,” Birnberg said.

But at least he gets his filing fee back. Don't spend it all in one race.
Assuming Wilson does not file a suit to contest this, it means County Commissioner Jerry Eversole gets a much-undeserved free pass in this year’s election. It also means the Democratic slate isn’t polluted by Wilson’s rancid presence, which is the greater good. May this be the last time I ever have to type the name “Dave Wilson” into a blog post.

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