Monday, May 21, 2007

Houston council candidate sued by his printer

I give Houston's most diminutive blogger a rough time, but in her capacity as MSM reporter she is quite often ahead of the curve the rest of us lowly keyboarders sit behind. She breaks this hilarious news:

Roy Morales, who is in the run-off race for City Council at large seat against Melissa Noriega, is being sued by a fellow Republican. And not just any Republican, he's being sued by the Bush/Cheney sign guy! Michael Franks, who is a big time R party printer for a gaggle of politicos, printed $1,700 worth of signs for Roy's LAST council campaign. A loss and a new election cycle later, Morales still hasn't paid him! At least according to court documents. There's a second suit filed as well, for alledged broken promise of giving Franks additional business. The amounts are small, both suits are less than $5,000 so they are in small claims court. I called the Morales campaign today, and its answer was: "What Lawsuit? We have no idea what you're talking about." Roy's campaign manager says neither he nor Morales had any idea what I'm talking about. The good news is, Roy and you can read the front pages of the lawsuits here, on my blog!

That this suit was filed in the middle of the runoff campaign season emphasizes how hapless the GOP is when it comes to municipal elections here.

Melissa Noriega is the only choice for my good neighbors (and the not-so-good ones, too).

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