Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Two-fer Tuesday Round-up from Far Left Texas

Twenty-twenty two is warming up as summer approaches and dreams of electoral sugarplums dance in a few heads.  Greg Abbott draws his first -- far from the last -- far-right primary challenger.

If the MAGAts don't split their vote among other freak-right foes with delusions of grandeur, then their strike at the king might not miss.  On the other hand, Scott Braddock observes that it will likely come down to a runoff.

I'll repeat my assertion that Governor Wheels only loses in 2022 to a Trumpist.  I doubt whether that will be Huffines, but there are plenty of other loonies in the bin with better bonafides and fewer marbles.  Maybe even somebody with more money than Huffines, for that matter.

Which is also the reason why I encouraged Progress Texas to stand up for their principles instead of being a flack for the Donkey nominee again.

Fat chance, I know.

The other candidate taking a leap yesterday is a centrist Democrat who wants to replace Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson in Congress.

Hamilton joins one of the best progressive Democrats in the country, already declared for this race but as usual not getting the free corporate media coverage.  I wonder why (not really; I know why, and have for a while now).

And Jacob Vaughn at the Dallas Observer has the Big D city council races you might want to know about.  It was kinda nice to lead off this post with something besides shitty Lege conduct, although they did not absolve themselves yesterday.

One big victory.

Progrexas links to the TexTrib's story about an alliance of state oil and environmental interests that blocked a bill that would've given a West Texas nuclear waste company a break on their fees.  And Luke Metzger for Environment Texas is counting down the days (25) left in the regular session with an update on where his organization's priorities lie.

I haven't posted anything about COVID in a long time, and all the links I've been saving have gone stale.  This story, below, is of concern for the most obvious of reasons: it's one thing to decide not to wear a mask or not get a shot; it's quite something else to attack the doctors who are safe-guarding the rest of us.

A spot of good news:

Topic de jour in The Big Greasy yesterday was the large Bengal on the loose in west Houston.  The story quickly got much weirder.

Just go read Miya Shay's other tweets.

Topical, in light of what is happening in Gaza.

Leftist and labor activists have been busy.

And the Screwston Anti-Fascist Committee kept George Floyd's crypt safe from potential vandals over the weekend.

Reid Hopkins, one of Jim Henley's former students, wrote a touching remembrance of his former teacher for the Houston Press.

Closing out today with one art and one lit tweet, courtesy Texas Monthly.

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