Friday, May 07, 2021

Mothers Day Weekend Collation from Far Left Texas

You should have already made arrangements to go see your mother, take her out for lunch or dinner, send her flowers, chocolates, or her favorite something.  If you haven't, you had certainly better call her.  This would be especially important if she is at the stage of life where her memory is receding.  If she is no longer with you, celebrate your memories of her.  And if any of that is too difficult or painful to do, then I wish you peace and strength to accept with grace the emotions you may be feeling.

The Texas Legislature closed out a very long yesterday early this morning, passing the contentious voting restrictions legislation in a party-line approval after truculent debate, procedural delays, and more incompetence by the gaffe-prone chair of the statehouse committee in charge.

All my troubles seemed so far away
Now it looks as though they're here to stay

Unlike the Fab Four, I don't believe.

Dutton, a Houston Democrat, may be a little PO'ed because -- as the elections bills were being poured over by parliamentarians for hours on a point of order before the chamber moved on -- his bill regarding the takeover of certain (read: majority Black) HISD schools by the state was killed by a p.o.o. from Rep. Alma Allen, also of H-town.



While TXGOP legislators are standing in solidarity, the House Democratic Caucus' fault lines are cracking wide open.

Most of these Blue Dogs are Latinos representing RGV districts, scared to death of losing to a Republican next year in the rising Red Tide coming to South Texas.  This is why TexDonks are in a world of hurt (among many other reasons, mostly of their own doing ... or not-doing).

Texans who will suffer most are those who have the least, as always.

Rural Texans will see their hospitals close, their doctors move away to make a better living, their loved ones get sick and die, and they will still vote a straight Republican ticket in 2022.  Even my well-endowed empathy has its limits for that amount of ignorance.

More bad at the Lege:

Pretty sure any random atheist knows there is no mention of guns in the Bible.  Not a good idea for a Christian to lie about what his god says.

Enough of this.  Moving on.

Something rich richer something poorer something.

And the environmental story of the week comes from Rolling Stone.

Abuse against female soldiers is not limited to Vanessa Guillen.

Austin has a homeless problem for a very good reason.

What percentage of 'close enough' to herd immunity will it take to protect our lives, health, and freedumbs?

Bless their hearts, Texas Democrats are fighting back with everything they have.  It's just that they don't have very much.

Kinda doubt the Gilley's folks are Democrats, but whatever; take the W where you can.  Here's a Mockery Moment.

Paxton has a lazy eye.  Ted Cruz has a lazy everything.

Sometimes these guys are funny; most of the time they are not.

Closing with the lighter side.

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