Saturday, May 15, 2021

RIP to Bills Good and Bad Wrangle *updated

That would be "rest in peace" to the good and "rest in pieces" to the bad.

More good, bad, and ugly:

And then there are the zombie bills.

(I planned on a longer post but Blogger ate this one's updates twice, so this is all until I have some assurance that I won't be rebuilding it a third time.)

New Mexico Republicans are convening in Amarillo this weekend to dodge the Enchanted State's stricter COVID protocols.  And the CDC has beaten Greg Abbott and everybody else to the punch -- I'll call it Kool-Aid -- on ending the mask mandate.

I think this is remarkably foolish.  I'll go on wearing my mask despite having gotten my two Moderna shots, probably for the rest of my life when I'm out in public.  If for no other reason ... because Texas is full of idiots and assholes.

Here's my post on the Texas Green Party's state meeting in June.  And here's the soothers to close.

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