Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Tuesday 'Ridiculous Theater' Wrangle

I needed a Monday off from Havana Ted and his twice-weekly stunts, but I'm back at it today.

This week is looking like it will belong to Gov. Helen Wheels again, though.

I don't think anybody really cared.

As with his mentee Cruz, Abbott simply doesn't comprehend his own hypocrisy.  Either that, or he doesn't give a shit what anybody thinks.  My money's on the latter.

It's hard to pick winners from among so many Texans Behaving Badly, so I'll make the easy choice and run with Deshaun Watson.

Something something "deeper buttocks massage" something "HPD investigation" something "team taking allegations very seriously" something.

Not the best way to have kept your trade value high if you really wanted to leave Houston, among the variety of poor decision-making here, De.  I'm just surprised that the Tony Buzbee-Rusty Hardin duel hasn't garnered more local media attention.  I feel certain that story is about to pop.

Stephanie Stradley answers all of your questions about the Watson lawsuits.  Moving on ...

Backstory if you missed it.

That's my segue to the criminal and social justice updates.

And Grits for Breakfast concluded that Texas was able to greatly reduce the number of traffic stops conducted without any negative effect on crime.  And here's a couple of developments regarding the renters' crisis in the Lone Star State.

Here's the latest from underneath the Pink Dome.

Facebook is funding the charge of Republican legislatures across the nation restricting voter access.

Kuff also commented on the state Senate's omnibus voter suppression bill and the fight against it.  And Lilli Hime discussed the current legislative session with LGBTQIA advocates.

You'd think Texas Democrats could walk to victory in 2022, but they won't.  Among the many reasons? Here you go.

"If it's a choice between a genuine Republican, and a Republican in Democratic clothing, the people will choose the genuine article, every time..." Who said it?

Billboards are great.  Won't flip a single vote.

And it's springtime, so Beto must be vacillating again.

Socratic Gadfly blew up this Betomania lead balloon, and also that of another of his 2018 election pals: Kendall Scudder, ConservaDem.

That's a lot of suck for one post.  I'll have environmental and COVID news later in the week; right now I need to lighten it up.  First, congrats to the Baylor Bears on their history-making national championship victory last night.

The San Antonio Current introduces us to Kaitlin Teniente, the first female coach of a college E-sports team in Texas.

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