Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Happy 420 and DogeCoin Day Round-Up from Far Left Texas

Celebrating your intoxicants and cryptocurrencies -- not to be confused with non-fungible tokens (although I can certainly see how that might happen) -- on this Taco Tuesday.

"Because the Dallas Morning News needs to sell papers and generate clicks for their website" is the answer to Charles' question.

The DMN Opinion writers have me blocked on Twitter because I've excoriated them so many times that their blisters have blisters.  They're the most conservative bunch in the state, but it appears they have finally become as revolted as everybody else at the extremism of the TXGOP.  And we all know the real problem: the TXDonks are unable to offer anything of substance to counter them.  This affirms my premise that the reason Texas has the worst Republicans in the world is because Texas Democrats are completely inept.

And like everyone else in state media -- and most everybody else in the blogosphere -- the DMN is a bunch of blinkered duopolists. (With Earth Day this week, I'm going to suggest the best alternative.  Stay tuned for that.)

There's a paucity of Tex Dems willing to take a shot at somebody next year, and so far they're mostly rich white men: Mike Collier, Joe JaworskiJudge Lina Hidalgo (probably) won't be running.  Beto just isn't sure what he wants to do next year, and that's as honest an answer as you'll get from him.  The Castro brothers are stale masa; they've been sitting out too long.  Waiting for the Latin@ vote to show up for Democrats has resulted in south Texas Latin@s turning into Republicans, as they got tired of waiting for the Dems to listen to their concerns.  And all the other secondary solar systems have recently burned out; Wendy Davis, MJ Hegar, Christine Ramirez, etc.

So the Snooze, bored to tears and with a bit of Confederate controversy at the moment, throws out a poll with Alrightx3 against Abbott, never mind polling's accuracy being at an all-time low, never mind messy complications like party affiliation or contrast in Matt Mac's policies (?!) or any other thing that citizens might actually consider when they vote.

And while it is certainly true that the citizenry gives a far smaller shit about policies these days than ever, what the Dallas News is executing here says far more about our democracy -- or our Republic, if you're picking nits -- than anyone would like to admit.

When we started writing our blogs 15 years ago, this parlor game of speculating on who might run in the next election was about the most interesting thing we did.  Today we do the spreadsheets and the investigating and the corporate media does the prognosticating and the simping.

In an effort to retain relevance in a world where they are increasing irrelevant, the stuffed shirts sitting around a conference room table in Big D are almost the last people I want selecting our politicians.  We don't need any W.R. Hearsts or Roger Aileses, Lone Star version.  End of rant.

Greg Abbott's gun buddy Ted Nugent caught COVID-19 (although I'm surprised he didn't catch 14, 15, 16, or 17.)  Matt Angle is being nicer than me.

John Cornyn stepped in his own shit again

Ted Cruz should just delete his account.

Catching up with Lege business: the Biden administration says the state can't use the waiver for Medicaid that the Trump admin gave them, so the choice is to either expand the program under the original (read: Obama) guidelines or do nothing.  Guess which of those Abbott/Patrick/Phelan will very likely choose?

I have to rant again.

It is Dade Phelan who does not want to expand Medicaid.  And it is Dade Phelan who appointed Briscoe Cain to head the committee to shepherd these voter suppression bills through the lower chamber.  Dade Phelan is the guy with the gavel standing by and watching as the House jams through these bills outlawing abortion, legalizing permitless carry, and making trans kids the object of scorn and hate.  And it will be Dade Phelan who will make sure that gerrymandering the Republicans in power for another decade happens.

If there are any Democrats in the Texas House who thought they were going to get a fair shake from this Speaker, wake TF up and start fighting back.  He's as bad as the other two of the Big 3.

Let me update 'cops behaving badly', or in this first case, "Fire chief caught with his pants down".

I'm sure he hopes the Politifact Texas crew doesn't score this 'pants on fire'.

This video below is graphic.  Use your discretion.

I have a lot more on this topic but I'll move on to the social justice headlines after posting Alexandra Samuels, late of the TexTrib, now for 538.

Okay, let me wrap with a few things that will make me -- and hopefully you -- feel calmer.

More local election news, the environmental and COVID updates I left out of here, and some other stuff tomorrow on Friday. Earth Day, and the Greens, on Thursday.

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