Thursday, April 01, 2021

Thursday Lone Star Lege (and more) Revoltin' Roundup

Your Texas Legislature, hard at work into the wee hours this morning.

Unlike Georgia, where there is a backlash against the corporations headquartered in that state for supporting their voter suppression laws ... here, not so much yet.

Gonna be more than a little difficult to fight this now.  And previously under the Pink Dome ... Texas women aren't winning, either.

But hey!  Soon, at least, you can sue Facebook if one your posts gets taken down!

That was an injustice just whining for relief.

Before they take a break for Easter, they'll solve our power generation problems.

"Experts" should not be conflated with "lawmakers".

Had enough yet?  Too bad; there's more.

Those last three might be the most atrocious of all.  All of this -- and I am certain, a lot more -- led to the resignations of two of the Texas Tribune's top staffers this week after a year on the job.  Neither woman was from Texas; one was working remotely from New York.  I don't blame them, frankly.

Looks like Scott has the same lofty opinion of Evan Smith as me.

The victories for the good guys are few and small, but we should mark them anyway.

The rest of the climate and criminal justice news, alas, is not so positive.

Grits had this as well.

The most distasteful story about police abuse I read this week (and that's quite an accomplishment).  See also Tribune of the People.

More pollution is headed for Midlothian, the 'Cement Capital of Texas'.  And Downwinders at Risk wants you to know that there are members of Dallas City Council up for re-election this year who do not deserve your support.

Which reminds me to remind you ...

And no Roundup would be complete without a few Rethugs acting badly.

Living Blue in Texas reports on the Texas Young Republicans' first annual Legislative Dinner spotlighting the War on WomenLareDOS verified that a domestic terrorist was a featured speaker at a TXGOP event in Laredo last week.

Elon Musk wants to be the next saviour of the Great State.

And as promised, a few pieces of art.

And some of the rest that soothes.  Except for the snakes.

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