Friday, March 27, 2020

RIP Toy Cannon

Not feeling the politics blogging today.

Wynn was one of my favorites -- one of every Astro Buddy's, no matter their age -- in the mid-and late '60's.  Many of his fans thought his nick was for his bat.

Wynn played 11 of his 15 MLB seasons in Houston and was named an All-Star in 1967.

At 5-9, the diminutive outfielder earned the nickname "Toy Cannon" for his powerful arm. He debuted with the Colt .45s in 1963.

Some great photos at this link.

And a review of some of the best remembrances, via Tweet.  Click on them and you'll find more videos and memories.

The Astrodome in its early configuration was well-known as a pitchers' venue.  Nevertheless, a couple of Astros crushed balls into the remote upper tiers back in the day, and had the seats they hit painted with their nicknames.  Wynn was one; can you name the other (he's pictured here on the left)?

Wynn was traded by the Astros to the LA Dodgers during the 1973 winter meetings for Claude Osteen (and another player), and Wynn made the All-Star team in both of his two seasons in southern California.  In '75 he went from the Dodgers to the Atlanta Braves in a blockbuster trade involving current Astros manager Dusty Baker.

At the time of his passing he served as a community outreach executive for the Astros.

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