Sunday, February 23, 2020

Sunday "Impossible Job" Funnies

CNN or MSNBC?  You decide.


PDiddie said...

So if you read this blog in Safari (which according to my stats, is about 10% of you) then there are a couple of toons that are broken to you because of an expired security certificate at the host. As a test of who's reading these comments, let me know if you'd like for me to apply the fix here (that I did for

Robert Nagle said...

Hi, there from Robert Nagle (aka idiotprogrammer). Believe it or not, I forgot all about your blog over the last year (I think I lost a good number of bookmarks). Nice to rediscover your posts, and I'll check more often (I used to love reading your Sunday funnies). With my own blog, I've been less political and more literary, but I did write a sweeping endorsement of Liz Warren.

PDiddie said...

Hi Robert! I linked to your endorsement of Warren in last week's Wrangle.

I'll drop youinto the blogroll at right also. Still remember meeting you at the tejas Toxic Tour many years ago.