Thursday, February 20, 2020

#DemDebate: Pluto gets whipped

How about "Olie thrashed"?  "Money Bags mugged"?

The first hour of the debate was an absolute and total disaster for the former mayor. He looked lost at times -- and those were the best times for him! Warren dunked on him repeatedly. Sanders slammed him. Biden bashed him. It was like watching a pro wrestling match where everyone decided to gang up on a single wrestler in the ring -- and that wrestler was totally and completely caught off-guard. Bloomberg is still very, very rich -- and will continue to spend his money on the race. So he's not going away. But it's hard to see how the momentum Bloomberg had built through his heavy ad spending wasn't slowed considerably by a performance that slid waaaaay under what was a very low bar of expectations.

Warren, who administered the harshest beating and thus claimed the debate crown, said in the spin room afterwards that Bloomer will just throw another $100 million log on the dumpster fire and slog on.  She's right.  And here's why I cannot tolerate the Texas Democratic Party establishment.

LMAO at "Leslie" Schecter.

Meanwhile Bernie was slinging it back out as fast as it came in at him.

In terms of who the debate served best, Sanders was the clear winner. He went into it the frontrunner, and mostly just needed to avoid embarrassing himself. The debate went far better than he could even have hoped. His chief rival, Bloomberg, flopped completely. The other centrists spent time bickering with each other that could have been spent trying to undermine Sanders. Warren did the dirty work of eviscerating Bloomberg, allowing Sanders to make a more elevated pitch and somewhat rise above the fray. He was given plenty of time to talk, and while he stuck close to his usual talking points he had above-average energy and was clearly enjoying himself. He was effective in pointing out how Buttigieg dishonestly presents the costs of Medicare For All without mentioning the benefits, and easily parried Bloomberg’s absurd attempt to conflate Sanders’ democratic socialism with “communism”. Bloomberg was a perfect foil for Sanders; Sanders probably wishes Bloomberg had been there all along, a cartoon of an evil billionaire for Sanders to point to as an example of everything wrong with the country.

Sanders went into the debate the frontrunner and he left the frontrunner. If Biden, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar were to stand any chance of overtaking Sanders, they needed to make him look foolish, and they didn’t. Instead, they looked petty, and he survived. Warren was in good form, but she’s simply not going to reclaim the lead over Sanders at this point. Bloomberg was the only serious threat, and he fizzled, showing that the electability case for his candidacy is laughable. It’s increasingly clear that Sanders has no serious opposition and Democrats are going to need to start reconciling himself to the inevitability of his nomination.

Much chatter surrounding the pair of shitlibs on stage left, a.k.a. the right side of your teevee screen last night.  Both were losers in their venomous exchanges, but Minnesota Nice fared worse, unmasking herself as breathtakingly phony, as much so as #MayoCheat.

That left Biden third, a good performance but simply of no help to a campaign on life support and waiting for someone to pull the plug after South Carolina.  He'll also keep going until Super Tuesday unless his cash well runs dry (a distinct possibility).  Another Lone Star letdown here.

What this debate produced in fireworks, with the urgency of Nevada's caucuses obvious to the strugglers, it lacked in calm, composed arguments, like those that Yang and Steyer had proferred.  No, they're not my second or third choices, but their voices on the stage -- Math Man was on CNN's bobblehead roundtable, and the Gang tried a Twitter "Future" takeover -- were missed. 

Fortunately or otherwise, that's in the past.

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