Friday, December 20, 2019

BootEdgeEdge gets speed-bagged

Triple-teamed in the wine cave.

Pummeled like a piñata.

(you can make this video full-screen)

The very best of these scrums was pulled off by PBS and the Politico dude with the bad haircut, and while the mods weren't great -- Bernie Sanders schooled Amna Nawaz in intersectionality -- they were head-and-shoulders better than the morons at CNN and the neoliberal clown show that MSNBC has so far managed.

Seven debaters onstage is the right number.  It enables the lower-tier, i.e. Klobuchar, Yang, Steyer, to have time to make points and be heard.  Those first two capitalized; the billionaire didn't.

Amy Minnesota Nice had a very good night, but when she mentioned Trump's awful judicial appointments in the third hour, I was reminded that ...

And if Biden wins a debate because he's "lucid", Dishrag help us all.

Did anyone notice that in the final question, the women asked for forgiveness while men used the opportunity to shill their books? (Not all men, yes yes, but, you know, three.)

Yes, I noticed.  And I strongly approved of Warren's suggestion to boycott (a revealingly gendered word) the question.

DK's Marrissa Higgins rounded up nearly every Tweet response from the seven candidates to questions posed last night.  Alternet's Cody Fenwick via Raw Story has the seven best moments.  CNN's Chris Cillizza gets everything wrong.  Vox's aggregate of analysts got the losers right and the winners wrong.  It makes you wonder if they were even watching the same channel.

There were no questions about Jeremy Corbyn/"soshulizm"/last week's UK election and whatever ramifications it may portend for ours in 2020.  I haven't collected these hundred or so links for nothin', so I'll get around to that eventually.  Hopefully before the year is out.

As for the next debate ...

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