Thursday, July 10, 2014

Yes it's funny

Obama still should be planning a visit to South Texas.  Soon.

Update: The Field Negro, and his commenters, weigh in.


Unknown said...

The thing that is so funny is that you just KNOW the reason behind that face!

These Republicans are so worried that a picture of them with the President is going to used against them in some future election that Rick Perry decided he was better off POUTING.

That picture is hysterical.

PDiddie said...

Agreed, the governor purposely contorted his face into a grimace for the photos.

I also have a problem, though, with the man across the table laughing. That's just not appropriate given the circumstances.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins (he's on the left in the second photo; read the MJ interview I linked above) is one of the very few who is demonstrating nonpartisan leadership on this issue.

Gadfly said...

Missing? How wingers helped bring this all on:

Greg said...

Let's see --one side of the table is filled with serious people seeking to resolve a national crisis. The other is filled with smirking jackasses who don't give a damn about solving the problem. The facial expressions say it all.

PDiddie said...

LMAO, Greg. What photos are you looking at? Because that doesn't describe the ones I posted.

Look, I have already said that Obama laughing here was not a good thing. But Perry expressly and purposely making a face like he just sucked on a lemon is quite obviously meant to prevent any of his 2016 opponents from using it against him.

Let's not pretend that Rick Perry has been serious about solving anything. He is, and has always been, only in politics for his own personal gain.