Tuesday, July 01, 2014

There's a simple solution to Hobby Lobby

Women should simply incorporate their uteri, and then the GOP would let them do whatever they like.  Or perhaps we could have passed single-payer and avoided all of this in the first place.

The conservative justices on the SCROTUS made yesterday many things -- historical, ominous, enraging are all appropriate adjectives -- but it was also a lot livelier on social media, and all of those instant developments will hopefully reignite a women's rights movement in Texas that will burn until November.  We will just have to wait a bit to see about that.  As for reducing abortions.... no.  Of course not.  Limiting women's ability to obtain contraceptives INCREASES abortions, and if you make legal ones more difficult to obtain, women will have dangerous, life-threatening ones.  What's happening in South Texas right now is proof of that.

Facts can't frack the Republican mind, however.

So we'll just have to see who can win an election in four months.

Update: Texas Leftist wonders whether Greg Abbott would ban contraceptives -- that is to say, ask the Lege to pass a bill doing so next January, after he is elected governor.

My answer, also posted at Wayne's blog, is: Yes.  And not just contraceptives, but abortions entirely.  Perhaps after 20 weeks, perhaps sooner, but in all cases... including rape, incest, and even if the fetus endangers the mother's life.  All you have to do is read what he has already said.

Last January, on the eve of a rally by politically influential abortion opponents, a quote attributed to Abbott in The Austin American Statesman indicated he believed there should be no exceptions in anti-abortion legislation.

“If you really are pro-life, you are thinking about the life of the child,” Abbott was quoted as saying. “And once you start putting exceptions into that, you’re saying that there are certain children who really are not worthy of life.”

Greg Abbott is precisely the kind of shitty lawyer/conservative extremist with a massive ego who would think he could go all the way to the SCROTUS with that law challenged, and win.

Which would set up his bid for the US presidency in 2020 quite nicely.

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