Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Border crisis spawns excessive stupidity, hatred

-- "Obama heads to Texas with no plans to visit border".  A mistake.  Potentially a grave one politically, no matter that those compassionate conservatives at Fox News are furiously using that fact as yet another opportunity to brand Obama as... what exactly?  As cruel and heartless as the city council members of League City and the commissioners of Galveston County?

Yes, Henry Cuellar is all but a Republican himself, but he's also correct.  Obama is letting them tar him with this.  He could put a stop to it by simply going to South Texas.  Yes, he would have to endure being with Rick Perry for several hours, probably the worst punishment imaginable, but to just keep to his fundraising schedule is simply awful.  Not as awful as detaining children in crowded conditions with the threat of deportation... but everybody has to suffer a little now.

Update: When John Cornyn can be the blind hog finding an acorn, then you have to know it's bad.

Update II: The DMN files a report on this afternoon's meeting.  And the photo -- Juanita Jean has it posted -- is indeed priceless.

-- Then there's Louie.

“If he wanted to, he could do what Woodrow Wilson did — and he’s certainly not one of my favorite presidents,” Gohmert said on Tuesday. “But after Pancho Villa’s gangs came across, I believe in Arizona, and killed some American families, he said, ‘That’s it.’ He sent John Pershing with troops into Mexico. And you can read some different versions. Tens of thousands of National Guard were put on the border. And Dan, nobody came in that we didn’t want to come in.”

Gohmert was likely referring to a March 1916 attack by Villa and his supporters against a detachment of the Army’s 13th Cavalry Regiment in Columbus, New Mexico. The Mexican revolutionary leader carried out the attack in order to gain supplies for his military campaign against the country’s U.S.-backed president, Venustiano Carranza.

Eighteen U.S. residents were killed in the attack. In response, Pershing and 5,000 Army troops pursued Villa’s forces in Mexico for nearly a year, to no avail.

Need not be said: Louie Gohmert is no "Black Jack" Pershing.  On the other hand, maybe we could send him into Mexico on horseback for a year; just no guns, ammo, or other 'soldiers'.

One drone, Louie.  One unarmed drone flying over your head about twenty feet off the ground with a camera on you.  No missiles, not even a BB gun.  And a canteen of cold water.  That's all you get.

-- It's also a little disappointing that Wendy Davis and Greg Abbott are skirmishing about something else at this moment.  A very important something else, but not worth a bus tour across the state right now.  Thank goodness (I suppose) that Abbott keeps responding inappropriately to the mess of his own making.

The "driving around" comment made a train wreck out of two-car pileup.  Just ridiculous.  What's to stop the terrorists from driving around and asking which of Abbott's cronies are storing explosive chemicals in wooden containers?  Or does he know that we will all just be lied to about it?

Still, both Davis and Abbott might ought to have been invited to that meeting Obama and Perry and "evangelical leaders" (sic) are holding in Dallas today.  Or maybe they should be down at the border themselves.  That is if anyone was interested in seeing the scope of the challenge, let alone be motivated to actually do something about it.  Was it just a few weeks ago that Davis -- and a bunch of Republicans -- called for a special session on the humanitarian crisis?  That really picked up a head of steam.

This moral dilemma on the Texas-Mexico border just doesn't appear to be a problem any of our elected leaders can seem to solve.  Speaking as an atheist, I thought the Bible was clear on how to respond to thousands of hungry, displaced children.  Why, the words of the Son of God even appear in red print in my New Testament, presumably so that they can be easy to read.

Is it a comprehension problem, or 21st-century revisionism as Matt Bors pans above, or something else that makes conservative Christians fail their faith in this regard?

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Can we make Gohmert Pyle into one of Kinky's "five Mexican generals"?