Sunday, October 27, 2013

Texas Dems pick up two more statewide candidates

At last night's Harris County Democratic fundraiser, the Johnson Rayburn Richards dinner, a young attorney from El Paso introduced herself as the forthcoming Democratic nominee for United States Senate from the Great State.

Her name is Maxey Scherr. You can learn more about her for now at her law firm's website (scroll down) where there's this video.

Scherr was escorted around in part by former US Senate Democratic nominee Barbara Radnofsky at last night's gala. Here's another picture of her with Meyerland Dem president Art Pronin.

Formal announcement and campaign promotion to follow shortly. The Dems will have another woman running at the top of the ticket, as Maria Luisa Alvarado -- the 2006 nominee -- has again thrown her hat into the ring for lieutenant governor.  She defeated two men in the primary that year (Gene Kelly and Ben Grant) but went on to lose to David Dewhurst to the tune of 58-37, with the Libertarian in the race pulling about 4%.

With this slate as it stands, Texas Dems are obviously going to mobilize the female vote, about which much has been written already.  If the turnout in Harris County for the municipal elections is any determinant, then the future looks bright (as high voter turnout is usually to the benefit of the Democrats).

Reaction to these developments from other quarters will be added to this post later.

Update: Here's the Alvarado campaign's press release.  Excerpt:

At Starbucks in Arlington earlier this week, Alvarado encouraged friends to continue collecting petition signatures for her. She stated that she will continue what she began in 2006. “I am determined that every citizen in Texas deserves the same thing – fairness, opportunity, good education, affordable healthcare, jobs that pay a decent wage and offer rewards for excellence. All Texans deserve a level playing field in the political process; to be heard by their elected representatives.”

She also stated that she "has never stopped working to engage the one million additional citizens who currently have not voted." Maria Luisa said: "These are the folks we must have for a Democrat to win a general election. I’m going after those who aren't at Democratic club meetings, who are not listed in the VAN with voting histories. I’m going for those who think their vote doesn't make enough difference for them to show up. I’m saying that every Texan is necessary for us to make our communities better and to improve things for everyone in Texas."

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Perry, We got word yesterday of another one! Ruth Henry told Dale that she wants him to run for Rail Road Commissioner again. He says he's going to file. said...

Maria Luisa Alvarado and Fidel Acevedo came to Arlington and trained some of our first time candidates Saturday. They were GREAT. They really worked with our candidates and encouraged them and shared what they had learned on the campaign trail. She has already made several trips up here. She's hitting the campaign trail hard and is working to empower and equip others to be successful in their races.