Monday, October 21, 2013

Bexar Co. Republican judge switches to Democrats

By itself, not much of a thing.  If it is the beginning of a statewide wave...

County Court at Law Judge Carlo Key.

“The Republican brand of pettiness, bigotry and ideological character assassination can no longer be tolerated in Texas,” the release states. “As the smallest minds continue to make the loudest noise in the Republican Party, true leaders will be driven by their principles and values to become Texas Democrats.”

Joe Straus, nominal head of Texas Republicans in the county, isn't concerned and even took a shot at the way Texas elects its judges.  He could be right; he could be wrong.  It all depends on whether this sort of thing becomes a trend.

As previously indicated, either the TXGOP is going to keep creating the world they have in mind for Texas, or the rest of us will introduce them to the real one.


Greg said...

I'm curious -- will Key return the donations he received from Republicans seeking Republican judges?

PDiddie said...

Why don't you ask him?

Since Key swept into office on the Red Tea Tide of 2010, I personally see this move as self-serving. But his comments echo those I am hearing elsewhere: that the lunatic fringe has co-opted the GOP and is chasing away voters right and left (or maybe that's just left and center).

2014 is going to be interesting indeed.