Monday, August 19, 2013

Wheelchair Ken

Turnabout is fair play, amirite?

If things were really going to get evened up, however, "Crippled Ken" would be the hashtag. And Senator Davis should not be thanking me for my support, either. (I'm positive she's smart enough not to do that.)

Let's not get bunched up over who's being more insensitive or politically incorrect either, shall we?

Among other things, Barbie taught compassion to my friends and me. When our dolls' bendable knee joints gave out, they were not thrown away but treated as physically challenged Barbies, whereupon we made make-shift wheelchairs for them. When Ken's arm was chewed off by the dog, we tried to convince our Barbies they should see beyond his disability.

Look what I found on e-Bay.

So -- again -- this isn't my creation. This isn't the invention of a sick mind. This is historical fact: Barbie had a friend in a wheelchair but not a blind one; certainly no mention of one that had a mental disability or with obvious opinions on women's reproductive freedoms (despite what you may infer).

That's obviously a contrivance intended to belittle.

Greg Abbott's got a real problem on his hands to start the week, and I don't think he can safely ignore it. It looks as if he has pushed himself right out of the frying pan and into the fire, and he may need a couple of his right-wing pals to get ahold of his chair and pull him out. He absolutely possesses the requisite conservative hypocrisy immunity gene, but even he is smart enough to see that this road he is rolling down is a less-traveled one for a reason.

It's not like he's the second coming of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, after all.

Update: This is not sufficient. Abbott must renounce the slur... or else continue to own it.

Update II: I learned a new word today.

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