Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rick Perry negotiates to accept some Obamacare funding for seniors, disabled

(The Texas governor), an ardent opponent of the Affordable Care Act, is in talks with Obama administration officials to accept an estimated $100 million in care for the elderly and disabled through Obamacare, Politico reported Tuesday night.

Texas health officials are seeking to enroll in the so-called Community First Choice program available via the law's Medicaid expansion. Perry officially declined to enroll his state in the program, saying in April that expanding the program for the poor would make Texas “hostage” to the federal government.

From the Politico piece...

Perry health aides are negotiating with the Obama administration on the terms of an optional Obamacare program that would allow Texas to claim stepped-up Medicaid funding for the care of people with disabilities.

The so-called Community First Choice program aims to enhance the quality of services available to the disabled and elderly in their homes or communities. Similar approaches have had bipartisan support around the country. About 12,000 Texans are expected to benefit in the first year of the program.

"It's not Obamacare money! We are NOT hypocrites!"

“This is not entirely accurate,” (Perry spokesperson Josh) Havens said by email. “This has nothing to do with Obamacare. The state of Texas has been providing these types of services via Medicaid waiver for decades, and we are continuing to provide this service.”

My embarrassment in being represented by people so ridiculous is overcome by my desire to see the least among us assisted, no matter what pretzels of rationalization the governor has to twist himself into.

Just get it done, you morons.

Update: Snarkier from Egberto.


Unknown said...

As long as they make it clear that NO currently uninsured people will be insured, then they can maintain their reputations, huh?

Gadfly said...

If Obama had balls, he'd make Tricky Ricky do some sort of public apology for his past anti-Obamacare tirades as part of any deal.