Sunday, November 01, 2009

The White (Haunted) House

Two thousand children rang the bell at 1600 Pennsylvania last night:

Dressed as superheroes, pirates, fairies and skeletons, the kids came in with their parents from Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C., and lined up on the orange-lit White House driveway. ...

Mrs. Obama wore furry cat ears and a leopard-patterned top. Obama said the kids looked adorable, as well as his wife, "a very nice looking Catwoman."

This just cracks me up. We saw trick-or-treaters of all ages all over West U last night, on the way home from our sushi feast in the Village.

By early afternoon, a big, stuffed, black spider was dangling in a web of string from the top of the portico, and pumpkins had sprouted up around the columns. The White House will be lit orange for the occasion, and three giants pumpkins — about 1,000 pounds each — will be on the grounds.

The loot is just part of the treat for the kids, ages 6 to 14. Roaming the North Lawn were fairies, bubble makers, wandering trees, Star Wars characters, theater actors and artists and a “skeleton band.”

Here are more pictures.

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