Sunday, December 02, 2007

Oh what fun it is to ride

There was a dislocated thumb, an inaccurate news report, a hastily called press conference, a Mizzou meltdown, a Hokie revenge, a Sooner stunner, a Pitt uprising, a Les Miles redemption, a Mountaineer gag job and overwrought fan bases in all directions.

In the strangest college football season in years, the last day went according to the chaotic script.

Now it is anyone's guess what is next – which two flawed teams emerge from this flawed system to meet in the BCS title game Jan. 7 in New Orleans.

A two-loss team (LSU) is likely to play a team that hasn't played in two weeks(Ohio State). An unbeaten team (Hawaii) and a one-loss team (Kansas) apparently have no chance. A team that, according to ESPN, was about to lose its coach (LSU again) might leap from No. 7 into the big game. At least unless the No. 9 team (Oklahoma) doesn't leap them and everyone else. And the team that might be playing the best of them all right now (Virginia Tech) can't seem to get any consideration.

Confused? Try crunching numbers, predicting votes and calculating the absurd and it gets even worse.

This is the funnest college football season ever. Of course that also means that more people are tearing their hair out over it than ever.

And there will be much more screaming -- and whining -- in the month ahead, as the bowl decisions shake out.

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