Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dobbs' head explodes; CNN anchor continues talking

Thanks, Andy:

Shortly after his statement about illegal Mexican laborers constructing a border fence, Dobbs’ head exploded, filling the screen with smoke and visibly startling (guest and fellow anchor Anderson) Cooper.

After Dobbs’ head burst into flames, his CNN cohort attempted to go to commercial, but Dobbs continued talking undaunted for another fifteen minutes.

Immediately after the broadcast, Dobbs was rushed to the Head Explosion Unit at George Washington University Hospital where the CNN anchor continued talking for an additional five hours before being administered general anesthesia.

“In all my years as a brain surgeon I have never seen someone with such serious head trauma continue speaking,” said chief of surgery Dr. Hiroshi Kyosuke. “It is almost as if Lou Dobbs’ mouth functions completely independently from his brain.”

*standing ovation*

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