Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The hate never takes a break

... not even on Christmas:

-- "I'm a racist POS, so are all my commenters, and we lovin' every minute of it"

-- "Schadenfreude San Fran Style". An excerpt:

San Francisco, like many libtard outposts, has made it extremely difficult for large chain stores to operate in the city. Libtards think that they must put up barriers to successful businesses, in order to protect "Mom and Pop" businesses from actually having to compete in the marketplace. Well, this Christmas, the chickens came home to roost. Seems that San Franciscoans are having a hard time finding the popular toys this season, because none of the Mom and Pop stores carry them.

"San Franciscoans"? If the link wasn't broken we might be able to understand what this goon is trying to say. On the other hand, maybe not.

Some people need to recognize when they are just too stupid to blog. This is one of those people.

-- Still fighting the War on Christmas, even on Christmas. Maybe he's getting a jump on next year.

-- This poor fool consistently demonstrates the most twisted logic on the InnerTubes. Christmas Day's sample:

Evan's (sic) argument makes no sense. You can't even apply for welfare without an ID. So why would voting "skew" against Democrats. There is only one good reason. It skews against voter fraud and Democrats think they need it to succeed at the ballot box. The idea that requiring an ID would stop a valid voter is absurd and preposterous. It starts with the ludicrous premise that requiring an ID is exclusionary. There is no credible evidence that it is. To the extent that it might be, the laws permit affidavits. Anybody can get an ID card, even terrorist. The requirement just makes it inconvenient to vote more than once are vote for someone else without going to extra trouble. The only reason to oppose voter IDs is to facilitate election fraud.

A conclusion reached on the forests of evidence completely the opposite of all the experts (sort of like global warming, the casus belli for Iraq, etc.). No wonder this fellow is a "former general counsel". Between his active retirement building furniture and studying military history, Merv finds time for twenty posts a day, sampling the worst the Right has to offer and making observations of the pretzel logic variety. Occasional entertainment, mostly dross.

-- The most consistently noxious local rightie posted this frothing diatribe two days before Christmas (so we should be thankful he was able to empty his spleen on the Lord's day):

It seems the only thing the left despises more than Soldiers is Christians. So I can see why this picture would drive them insane.

Previously challenged Ezra Klein to a fight, also called out Rick Noriega for his Gold Star award (a theme initiated by this conservative blogger, and similarly rebuked in his comments). Those were actually two of Rob's least vile posts. He elicits considerably more in the way of mocking laughter than he does outrage, which likely makes him even more bitter.

Well, that's all the gall my bladder can process for a while. We're off to Lose-iana for a couple of days to watch the ponies and arm the bandits. Play nicely with your toys and don't bother Mommy and Daddy while they worry about how all this Christmas is going to be paid for.

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