Wednesday, July 25, 2007

John Cornyn dressed as a Rove cheerleader (and assorted postpourri)

Or you can make him put on a lapdog outfit, complete with a box turtle. Yes, you. You can do it.

Is there no shame too great for Alberto Gonzales to endure? Apparently not.

Right, Greg takes it in stride. Good; we mean it all in fun -- just so long as Rick Noriega gets elected, that is. You can still be one of those Great 800 with as little as one dollar.

Last night I took my nephew to the ballgame. It was a fine time:

They stood throughout Minute Maid Park in the sixth inning Tuesday night, focused on Craig Biggio at the plate. In the home dugout and in the stands, they craved one of those storybook moments that rarely materialize the way fans and players see them in their dreams.

Only six hours after Biggio had shown gratitude for being able to write his own retirement script and announcing this will be his last season as a major league player, the Astros icon added the perfect ending to his monumental day.

The bases were loaded, and the score was tied. The crowd of 38,247 was on its feet and sending a raucous echo through Minute Maid Park. As if straight from central casting, Biggio rewarded his fans with a grand slam into the Crawford Boxes. ...

"I didn't even feel like I was touching the bases at times," said Biggio, 41, who will retire after his 20th season, all in Houston. "It was just a magical, magical day. I topped it off with an unbelievable ending."

Like an obedient servant to the adoring masses, Biggio responded to the "BIG-GI-O! BIG-GI-O!" chants by tipping his cap during a curtain call.

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