Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Beto O'Rourke and Lizzie P. Fletcher

Here are the steps in every statewide race in Texas for the past 20+ years:

1. Shiny new Democrat declares candidacy, promises the moon, trashes incumbent Republican
2. Media churns out glowing praise, hope by the truckload
3. Early polls show Democrat within striking distance
4. Democrats get whipped into a frenzy, talk trash, make bold predictions about "Blue Wave"
5. Every Republican wins by double digits
6. Democratic officials claim moral victory
7. Democrats deny ever predicting their candidate would win
8. Media and Democrats blame the electorate for low turnout, inability to understand what's at stake, "voting against their own self-interest"
9. Repeat in 4 years

It looks like we are at step 4. Right on schedule!

We could probably add a 4.5 for 2018: "Democrats throw unprecedented wads of cash at the Great (Mostly) White Hopes".

I will not bury the lede to save the reading time of those who don't agree, much less respect, my opinion regarding the state of play for Democrats in Texas (and elsewhere) in the coming midterm elections.  The truth stings, sometimes as painfully as a Portuguese man o' war in the Gulf of Mexico.

I won't be able to vote for either of the two federal office standard-bearers for the Donks in November because they simply do not represent my values, and because they are far too interested in trying to win by seeking the votes of Trump-soured, moderate (sic) Republicans.

Beto O'Rourke is Third Way, lies about his PAC money (more here), whines about Ted Cruz not debating him when he refused to debate his own primary opponents, and can't get on board with a universal health care plan even though he claims to support such.

LPF is pretty much the same centrist stooge, except that she's gone a little further in the wrong direction, demonstrating antipathy to the working class.

Let me be even more candid with respect to Texas Democratic challengers running against incumbent Republicans: if I could vote for Dayna Steele, or Mike Seigel, or Adrienne Bell, Sri Preston Kulkarni, Linsey Fagan, Vanessa Adia, Jana Sanchez, or Julie Oliver,  I would do so in a heartbeat.  I could even vote for MJ Hegar and Gina Ortiz Jones (it would be a tough chew-and-swallow choking down their military/CIA histories, but I think I could manage it) .  Not Colin Allred, though.  Nor, for that matter, Democrats running in open seats like Joe Kopser and Todd Litton.

Even if I did vote for O'Rourke and Fletcher, they would not represent me.  They would believe that their strategy of running to the right succeeded, and their government service would reflect being beholden to the afore-mentioned centrist, corporate Democrats, and even moreso their friends just a bit further to starboard.

Bob O'Rourke, gifted a shopping center in El Paso's barrio for his birthday by his parents, proceeded while on city council to push out the poor people and gentrify the area, raising the value of his property accordingly.  That's how you make City Hall work for you, by Gawd.

LPF is practically James Cargas with a vagina.

I'll keep an open mind about them (in case they pull a few progressive rabbits out of their pussy hats) right up to the opening of early voting in October, but today I'm taking a hard pass.  Good luck to both nevertheless.  If their strategy works they won't be missing my vote anyway.


Gadfly said...

"Tennis elbow" getting better? It got a bit of workout there.

I'll have my own next piece up in a week or so. I'm adding the personal angle on single payer ... as in, it would make it easier to retire or semi-retire or whatever younger if I didn't have to have a job for "the bennies."


On your 10 points, did you see Cruz touting that Kos poll?

Reality: Probably no more than 50-50 odds Beto-Bob breaks 45 percent.

PDiddie said...

No, it isn't. But I need to get some things blogged before the topics grow stale.

Didn't see the poll you reference. 44 sounds like the right over/under for the Senate race.

Gadfly said...

Here you go: Background Analysis by Politifact and link to the Markos poll inside it. https://www.politifact.com/texas/statements/2018/jul/20/republican-party-texas/texas-poll-ted-cruz-leads-beto-orourke-2-points-pe/

The idea that only 3 percent are undecided is probably true. The idea that if likely voters were polled, the gap would be greater, is certainly true. And it has other issues.

That said, it makes for a good fundraising shoutout by Havana Ted: "Beto's about to catch us!"

Charles Turner said...

I can't recall the last time a progressive ran for a Texas office. No wonder Democrats don't waste time getting engaged.

PDiddie said...

2006; David Van Os. That was also the most populaist ticket in a couple of generations (Hank Gilbert for Ag Commish). The problem was Chris Bell at the top.

Charles Turner said...

I quoted your statement that O'Rourke pushed out the poor to elevate his own fortune and was challenged for proof. Do you know where I can look for proof?

PDiddie said...



Linking to this:


and this:


Charles Turner said...