Saturday, August 30, 2014

What a terrible week for Texas Republicans

They lost in court twice, on the financing of public school education and on reproductive freedom for women.  Governor Perry's Texas National Guard border surge appears to have mustered without enough money to pay the troops.   And at the end of the day yesterday, the wheels of Greg Abbott's gubernatorial campaign came flying off again.

Jon Stewart piled on the Indict Cowboy.

They're gonna be mad all weekend, y'all.  Take the necessary precautions.  Add less alcohol to your barbecue cookout... or more, depending on your individual assessment.  Don't leave any guns lying around (could be injurious to others or to themselves).

Don't mention any of the half-dozen-or-so wars going on in Asia, and especially don't bring up the topic of racial strife in America.

If you're watching football and a political ad comes on, quickly change the channel.

Please don't take them out for burgers.

Other than that, enjoy a lovely long weekend.

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