Friday, August 08, 2014

Is it Labor Day already?

After my early-morning rant yesterday and then the afternoon's developments, it seems as if we've jumped ahead a month on the calendar.

-- Wendy Davis made a TV advertising purchase across the state -- in English and in Spanish -- for this ad.

Now THAT's how you punch back.

Update: For the record, I put even less faith in Rasmussen polling than I do everybody else's because of their distinct Republican bias.  This poll shows Davis' support among women has decreased while Abbott's has increased, which is almost as laughable as the 40% of those polled saying they support Rick Perry for president in 2016; a number ten times -- more or less -- the size of what other polls have shown.  Charles digs a little deeper but doesn't give me any greater confidence in whatever it is Rasmussen is trying to tell us.  And then there's this, from the Austin Chronic.

Digging down into the questions raises some other issues. The poll only asks about likelihood to vote for Abbott or Davis by name. What happens when Libertarian Kathie Glass or the Green Party's Brandon Parmer is added to the mix?

I would answer 'not much more than their historical 3% and 1% respectively', but again... this is Rasmussen.  Given such severe rightward tilt, you'd almost expect Davis to be leading Abbott in a poll this weird (which is obviously not the case, either).  Any poll we see in the next couple of weeks will be taking into account the effectiveness of this new air war, and if any of them show some tightening, then I'll let myself be encouraged.

-- Greg Abbott also has a Spanish language ad on teevee.  His mother-in-law is singing his praises.  I have to say that I hope he keeps pouring a lot more money down that hole.  I also hope he has a high-dollar internal pollster who's telling him exactly what he wants to hear: that it's working.

-- LVDP busted Dan Patrick, too.

Democratic lieutenant governor nominee Leticia Van de Putte said Thursday that her Republican opponent, Dan Patrick, has yet to respond to a series of debates she has proposed ahead of the Nov. 4 election.

Van de Putte and Patrick spoke separately at the Texas Association of Broadcasters annual convention, in what amounted to a rare opportunity to see the two candidates address the same audience back to back.


She has challenged Patrick to five in all — part of an aggressive plan to pit the candidates head-to-head in the state’s four largest markets and in the Rio Grande Valley — and has left the door open to three more.

But since she laid out the proposal more than a week ago, Van de Putte said Patrick, a senator from Houston who is a tea party favorite, and his team have yet to get back with a solid answer — or any answer, for that matter.

“He’s not responded to our request for debates,” Van de Putte said, adding that she’s not sure if Patrick is dodging the debate issue or just can’t make up his mind. “This is a race where there’s a big difference in candidates … and the people of the state need to hear the candidates.”

She added: “He knows my phone number. I’m waiting.”

She is such a nice lady.  I just love her.

-- Mike Collier, Comptroller (pronounced "controller") is pounding away as well.  This ad is running right now in the DFW market.

“While Texans enjoy this tax-free weekend, they should know my opponent Glenn Hegar’s plan would triple the state’s sales tax. Hegar refuses to back away from his plan that would hurt the very same people who are benefiting the most from the tax-free weekend. Hegar’s plan is not only wrong for Texas, it’s dumb.

Texas taxpayers need a Watchdog, which is precisely why I’m running for Comptroller. As a Certified Public Accountant I’m committed to getting the numbers right for our Texas students, teachers, and their families.”

If elected, Collier would be the first comptroller in Texas history who is a CPA.  Hegar, as we have recently learned, is the reincarnation of Jethro Bodine.

Update: Collier cracks Hegar again for bragging to some TeaBaggers about how proud he was to vote for cuts in public education.  (Hegar, like Jethro, is planning to be a brain surgeon one day.)

I would swear it feels just like September.

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Gadfly said...

Good one. Low cost, easy to produce, hits hard at Abbott and his biz best buds.

Next? Let's get one on the fertilizer plants, especially the Abilene area ones owned by the Kochs.