Monday, June 23, 2014

The pre-TDP Convention Wrangle

Today is my mother's 88th birthday, and we celebrated it yesterday with her. Which is why I didn't post that yesterday, four years ago, in a Fort Worth Star-Telegram poll (don't you wish newspapers hadn't given up polling?) Bill White was tied -- that's right; dead even -- with Rick Perry, at 43%, in the 2010 race for Texas governor.

My brother Neil has the link to the FWST (which is dead now) and you can sense the enthusiasm he felt for change in Texas at the time.  It remains to be seen, of course, whether Texans will remain cynical about Wendy Davis' chances -- portending another Red Tea Tide, as happened four years ago -- or whether she can rise against that, and the prevailing historical undercurrents, in just over four months.

The Texas Democratic Party convenes in Dallas beginning Thursday and continuing through Saturday, and I'll provide reports from the scene (as will many others).   Here's the roundup of the best from the Texas Progressive Alliance's blogs from last week.

Off the Kuff sets a standard for success for Democrats in the fall elections.

Libby Shaw at Texas Kaos is not in the least bit surprised to learn Texas Republican politicians are playing red meat politics with the Texas/Mexico border crisis. The Texas GOP: Now it's IMMIGEDDON.

WCNews at Eye on Williamson on the Texas corporate toll road headed for a state bailout: I Hate To Say I Told You So...But.

Bay Area Houston has a picture of the face of the Texas Tea Party.

PDiddie at Brains and Eggs has a roundup of news from the Rio Grande "boarder".

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme knows that the Texas Republicans are anti-immigrant and anti-Hispanic. And they lie about it.

Neil at All People Have Value speculated about the meaning of a Texas license plate he saw with both the Don't Tread On Me Flag & the word "Glock" on the plate. All People Have Value is part of

It's a scenario that is almost unimaginable as a parent. The joyous day comes when your twin babies are born, and after welcoming them into the world, and caring for the young ones every minute, a court invalidates your biological rights to your precious kids. It may sound like a nightmare scenario, but Texas Leftist has discovered one Fort Worth gay couple that is enduring that pain right now.


And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

The Texas Election Law Blog criticizes a state law that allows for elections featuring unopposed candidates to be cancelled.

Offcite declares that now is the time to save the ecosystems ringing Houston.

TransGriot reviews the next steps in the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance fight.

Denise Romano documents the cost of lies about the Affordable Care Act.

Lone Star Q examines a bizarre pro-diversity campaign by the Metroplex Republicans that nobody else seems to know anything about.

Socratic Gadfly reports on the Texas drought and how it's affecting the Brazos river.

The Inanity of Sanity notes the anniversary of Wendy Davis' filibuster for women's reproductive freedom, and TFN Insider has the overview of Fight Back Texas, the site that collected the oral histories of the participants.

State Impact Texas has the news that a federal judge has approved the landmark $3 million judgment against a fracking company, by a family made ill from the process.

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