Wednesday, June 04, 2014

So much to blog about, so little time

-- The Benghazi-to-Bergdahl transmogrification of conservative outrage is complete.  Obama is now apologizing to senior members of Congress for doing what Bush did over 500 times, what Reagan did with 1500 missiles that went to Nicaraguan rebels in exchange for three Iranian hostages, and what Nixon did for Vietnam POWs, one of whom was an alleged Viet Cong collaborator named John McCain.

When they attacked Bergdahl's father for growing a beard -- this from the same people who worship the facial follicles of the Duck Dynasty crew -- my spin meter broke.

The stench of this latest Republican hypocrisy is just overwhelming.

Update: And people say I'm the one who's angry.

-- Speaking of extremist conservative hypocrites, the NRA crawfished on their denunciation of the Open Carry Texas freaks.  That brief moment of sanity was nice while it lasted.

-- Not content with quiet civilian life, Tom DeLay makes news again.  Oh, how we have missed him.

-- Maureen Dowd ate an entire marijuana candy bar -- it should have been sectioned into 16ths for "novices", but she said that wasn't printed on the label -- and suffered a bad trip.  No, really.

-- The NSA can hax all your I-Phones (even when you have turned them off), can haz all your data, can destroy it if they get caught.  But hey, why worry if you've got nothing to hide?

Send me a postcard from Gitmo, wouldja?  I'm sure you'll eventually be swapped out for bin Laden's driver, or somebody dangerous.  Just ask your dad not to grow a beard and you might not suffer any 'coming home' retribution from the real patriots.


Gadfly said...

Shock me that the NRA National caved. And blamed "staffer error."


And, the NSA is yet one more reason to not want a smartphone.

Gadfly said...

There's a good AP analysis piece about the "big picture" with Bergdahl .... overall negotiations with the Taliban.