Friday, November 08, 2013

Good and bad for Wendy Davis

I'm not talking about the two polls earlier this week, either.  Here's where she did good.

“I am pro-life,” she told a University of Texas at Brownsville crowd on Tuesday. “I care about the life of every child: every child that goes to bed hungry, every child that goes to bed without a proper education, every child that goes to bed without being able to be a part of the Texas dream, every woman and man who worry about their children’s future and their ability to provide for that future. I care about life and I have a record of fighting for people above all else.”

“This isn’t about protecting abortion,” Davis explained in the same appearance. “It’s about protecting women. It’s about trusting women to make good decisions for themselves and empowering them with the tools to do that.”

Conservatives spewing the Abortion Barbie crap and the murdering babies bullshit are really only chasing more moderate Texans away from the TXGOP.  This is not only what they want to do, it's a good thing for every Texan except them.  Even Susan Combs -- whom I have never agreed with about anything -- says so.  So I say: let them keep doing that.

They think theirs is the majority view, and the only thing more wrong than that is the media -- and some Democrats -- are so scared that they also believe it (as noted in the previous).  Redefining "pro-life" is the smartest thing I have seen the Davis campaign do yet.

This, however, was the dumbest.

Hardly unexpected, but state Sen. Wendy Davis is making herself scarce when President Obama comes to Texas on Wednesday. He’ll spend the afternoon and evening in Dallas. The Democrats’ leading hope in next year’s governor’s race will be hundreds of miles south in the Rio Grande Valley.

Her campaign schedule, just released, puts her in Mission in the morning, meeting with educators. And at 6 pm, she’ll be in Pharr, meeting with volunteers and supporters at Poncho’s Mexico Nuevo Restaurant.

We figured as much in today’s Texas Watch column. But choosing to get as Pharr from the president as possible was a nice touch.

Obama shouldn’t be too surprised. The 2010 Democratic nominee for governor, Bill White, headed for West Texas to avoid being seen with him.

I bet more optics like these will convert Republican voters and Republican leaning voters to her campaign in droves. /sarcasm

Now if you click on the link in the excerpted paragraph above, you could read about how Texas millionaires are once again lining up to give tens of thousands of dollars to US Senate campaigns outside Texas.  I wonder how that makes Maxey Scherr feel.  We could ask Barbara Radnofsky or Rick Noriega; I'll bet they know.

The old "Texas as ATM" swindle is already in play.  And that is the secondary outrage here. 

I just can't stand to watch any more Texas Democrats running as far away from Obama as is geographically possible (and everybody knows how I feel about Obama).  This strategy is Blue Dog consultant chickenshit personified.

"Ooooo, Obama is unpopular among Texans, and you need Republicans to vote for you, so run away from Obama as fast and as far as you can".

Davis could have, instead, met the president in Dallas, said forcefully that when she is elected governor she'll expand Medicaid, that Ted Cruz and John Cornyn were wrong in blocking ACA, and that Greg Abbott represents a continuation of Rick Perry's cruel policies that leave millions of Texans sick and dying without healthcare coverage.  And that all of these men have the gall to call themselves pro-life.  And she would have amplified her good messaging  - the recasting of herself as the pro-life candidate -- with a direct assault on the GOP power structure in this state.

And she would not have lost any votes she was never going to win anyway.

Republicans are wrong and mean and stupid, but they don't ever stop fighting, even after they have been beaten down several times (see: government shutdown).  Wendy Davis is getting blame from Republicans about the confusion surrounding the Photo ID law implemented in this week's elections.  There is no shortage of chutzpah from conservatives, and as a Democrat you can either get pummeled or you can fight back.

Here's the deal, my Democratic friends: if Wendy Davis is going to follow the Angles' advice -- worse yet, if it's her natural inclination without needing encouragement --  and run a race like Bill White's except in heels and Mizunos, then she's going to get the same result.

Who's willing to invest in that?  Who wants to work on weekends and late at night for that?

Run as a Democrat or run as a Republican, but don't run as a Democrat pretending to be a Republican.  Because as stupid as people are, they are still smart enough to vote for the real Republican every. single. time.

Update: My other brother from another mother, Socratic Gadfly, expands on this premise.


Gadfly said...

You know my take; running as Bill White in Mizunos and heels is halfway her natural inclination.

Gadfly said...

And, I know you know this, but, to remind other readers why I agree with your take, it all started in Waxahachie a month ago:

Greg said...

Given her admission in a lawsuit some years back that she is mentally unstable and incapable of handling the ordinary criticism that comes from the press and the public when one seeks and holds high office, I really think that the Democrats find someone fit to hold the office of governor.

PDiddie said...

This is, of course, not just a mischaracterization but an outright bastardization of her (very common) legal claim, advanced by the same outstanding fellow who coined "Abortion Barbie'.

Listen carefully, Greg:

I want you, and Erickson, and all of the rest of the conservative uremic toilet stains to keep doing this.

Continue to smear this woman in the most vile ways you can think of.

Because there is nothing -- nothing any Democrat who is making phone calls this weekend, no number of visits Davis herself can make to West Texas, absoloutely nothing -- that will push more independents and moderates to vote for her than this behavior by the swine who oppose her candidacy.

Please don't stop.